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What is BEST?

Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique

The Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique is an energy balancing procedure that assists the body’s natural ability to heal. BEST treatments effectively complement and enhance traditional and alternative approaches to health and wellness.  BEST treatments support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the individual. 

BEST operates upon the theory that the body is run by two main systems: the nervous system and the energetic system.  When the two systems are balanced and effectively communicate with each other, the full potential of the individual is optimized.  Additionally, inherent to the human body is the ability and tendency to heal.  When the body doesn’t heal, it’s often the result of subconscious interferences that keep the system operating in a flight-or-fight survival mode.  By balancing the energy system and releasing subconscious interferences, the body is able to shift out of survival mode and direct resources to healing.  Additionally, some treatments involve the intentional integration of different aspects of the self.  For example, there may be an indication to connect a sense of personal power with the ease of speaking into personal truth.

During a BEST treatment, the body reveals areas of priority which often stem from interrupted neurological patterns stored in the subconscious memory.  Pressure points are gently held while the client becomes aware of certain topics and feelings to allow the release of interference and the balance of the body’s energy system.  After the balancing is complete, supplements, follow-up treatments, or client activities are suggested to encompass an empowered, whole-self approach to healing.

BEST Treatments and Intuitive Guided Meditations can be done at a distance as well as in-person. Amazingly, remote treatments and sessions are just as effective as in-person treatments.

For further reading, refer to the What is BEST article provided by Morter Institute.

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